detox + relax.

himalayan crystal bath salt detox


  • 1 lb
  • Ships within 1-3 days

detoxes the body

improves texture and tone of skin

combats water retention

promotes sinus health

regulates sleep

eases muscle soreness

regulates stress

balances skins pH


100% natural + organic himalayan crystal salt

available with choice of:

- organic rose petals 

- organic lavender buds

- custom in glass jar


from 5k ft below sea level

purest salt on earth

contains 84 minerals and trace elements 




  • 100% Grade A Himalayan Crystal Salt is a  rich source of minerals that soothes skin + muscles while pulling toxins from your body



  • Minerals are absorbed into skin while toxins are releases into the water via osmosis. Your body detoxes while you relax - highly therapeutic for skin conditions, rejuvenates and hydrates


  • Fill tub about 3-5 inches and stir in 1 lb of salt until mostly dissolved 
  • Finish filling tub with warm to hot water
  • Submerge body and soak for at least 20 minutes
  • Stay hydrated - drink a lot of water during + post bath
  • Do not rinse salt off body, let skin breathe with no additional products
  • Water may turn color depending on the toxins released
  • Stay hydrated and relax post bath - detox can cause lightheadedness 


  • Pure Grade A Himalayan Crystal Salt
  • Organic, natural Lavender Buds + Rose Petals 
  • Custom available with choice of essential oil in glass jar
  • Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding due to lymphatic stimulation and detoxification